Friday, December 16, 2005

Oops - I'm slipping

Its been almost a week since my last posting - and I've received such wonderful feedback and comments. Even a reference on my shingle!

Not that its an excuse, but I have a cold, my husband has been gone all week on a business trip, and I've had three doctors visit this week between my two kids. Course, I guess other people manage to live very busy lives and manage to run a solo practice. There is always an excuse - I suppose the trick is not to let the excuses perpetually stop your progress. I need to get back on track!

Perhaps I should try to make some small bit of progress everyday towards my goals. Right now, I'm still slowly cruising through my practice guides. Two hundred pages left on my first volume on Family law, and another volume to go.

So how did all those lawyers who opened a practice right after the bar get started? Did you try to learn the basics of an area of law, and then research the more difficult areas as they came up? What about "pedestrian lawyers" - do you just rely on limited information learned in law school and the bar and research the heck out of an issue when it came up?


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