Sunday, December 04, 2005

A site you might want to avoid...

As stated in the last couple of posts and the comments to them - there are lots of inspiring and informative sites out there for an aspiring solo - (or solowannabee). But one I would avoid (unless you WANT to be discouraged) is counselnet solo practice chatboard. Most of the regular posters are complete grumps, whiners, and naysayers with nothing positive to say about solo practice. I'm all for reality - but these people, for the most part, seem to HATE the practice of law. There are a few exceptions - some posters do offer valuable nuggets - which is why I check back now and then. But for the most part, its not worth wasting your time. I know whenever I go to this site, I feel vaguely discouraged. If you DO read it, be sure to follow up with a positive site such as The Practice. It is really a shame, since the site does have the potential to be a good resource for newbies.

I also want to thank Carolyn Elephant and Biglaw Associate for their comments - I never dreamed anyone would actually read this, much less people whose blogs I regularly read. I really appreciate the encouragement!


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