Friday, December 02, 2005

You know what I want what I really really want...

Okay, that's the only words I know of this song. Anyway, I want to open a solo law practice. I have the degree (from a top-rated school), I have the license (in two states), I have basic continuing education classes under my belt, as well as basic law treatises. I even have a little money saved up, know what I want to practice (estate planning, family law and bankruptcy). I don't have to make much money at this for a while, since I have a great husband with a great job that pays the bills. And I DON'T want to work for anyone else. Why work my butt off to get someone else money? In short, I'm very well qualified and am in the perfect position to start. So why am I nervous about this?

True, in my 5 years of experience, I've never represented a client. I've worked for judges and an in-house corporation on discrete legal research and discovery projects. So I do have some un-practical experience. However, there are people opening practices right out of law school and as soon as they get their bar license. And I do have some maturity (read: over 30). Maybe I just think I should be nervous, and that is why I am. ("I think therefore I am). Hmm....

In all the books about opening a law practice that I have read there is plenty of information about day-to-day running of a practice. Oddly enough, that doesn't phase me. People start businesses all of the time-so big deal. My fear comes from a) not knowing what to say when I meet people in my office for the first time; b) looking like a total idiot if I am asked a question I should know but don't; c) see b).

The problem is, that lawyers I talk to about this part of opening a law practice (fear of incompetance or looking like an idiot) look at me like an alien and can't relate to this fear. Perhaps law school weeds out people like me? (who aren't incredibly full of themselves and can't imagine they would ever not know something?).

So, I thought I would spend a little time writing down my adventures in preparing for and opening a solo law practice, perhaps attract some feedback, or at least compile my experiences for a book ("The Chickenshit Guide to Opening a Law Practice for the Person who Doesn't Believe She Walks on Water and Can Do no Wrong" ... or maybe the title needs more work).

More to come (I hope).


At 2:20 PM, Blogger Carolyn Elefant said...


Read, Greatest American Lawyer Blog and the Practice Blog. And read this article about when I started my firm:
Truth is, you will look like an idiot. I did, and I still do. So what? I'm a practicing lawyer, a lawyer who has clients, a lawyer who's argued at the federal appellate level and had jury trials. That outweighs the feeling of being an idiot every day.


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