Friday, February 24, 2006

Lessons Learned

Whew - been a long time since I posted.

Biggest news is I'm almost done w/my temporary part-time job working for a corporation. Two more days. Actually, I'm kind of glad - its been great for getting me back into law (before then, I was staying at home w/the kids) and it gave me the motivation to take (and pass) the WA state bar after having moved here from CA. Plus, I now have some seed money for a practice.

But I'm ready to move on. The work I do there (deciphering some environmental regs) is BORING!! I've learned an area of law that I don't want to practice, which is probably about as valuable as discovering which areas I do want to practice. Plus, I had earlier thought about doing some contract work for other attorneys while I get my practice started. After this stint, I don't think I'll actively pursue this. I enjoyed the projects that I solely worked on - the collaberative projects (especially the last one with several government attorneys) was frustrating due to the EXTREME inefficiency of the process. Maybe that means I am cut out for solo work.


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