Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm back in business.....

Okay - its been a loooongg time since I've posted anything and this will be short (its one in the morning and I have to get the kids to an early doctor appointment while DH is on a business trip). But I'm back into solowannabee mode. If anyone (with emphasis on the "one") was following my blog, I started working for a solo last April. That met with mixed success. I got all the real bad probate cases that she neglected and/or screwed up, and got to try to fix them under her "watchful" eye. Realized that I could do as well, or better (I hope) than her. And told her my plans to go out on my own after she casually mentioned that I would be in her Yellow Pages ad for next year. So, I came clean with my plan to leave - and she was very nice about it at first (but came up with some BS about a plan to "partner" with another lawyer so my leaving was not a big deal). Then she started hounding me on every case. Finally, we had a bit of a confrontation, and I "offered" to leave sooner, to which she said that it was up to me. Believe it or not, this is the ONLY job I have ever quit on short notice and under bad terms. I usually am a likable, easy-to-get along with person. Honestly. (Maybe I'm getting cranky in my middle-age? - or at least no longer willing to put up with petty sh*t).

So, I have the office all picked out (subletting two offices - one for my desk and one for a conference room), with the business providing back up reception service. I will start in January, and will have a Yellow Page ad in one of the three phonebooks that come out that year ($300 per month for one phone book - yeow - I hope it pays off!). Other than registering a PLLC, placing the YP ad, and getting my phone lines installed (so I could get a number in the YP ad), I have nothing else done. Anyone know of a good countdown list for starting a practice?

Also came across a great blog basquette case, of a woman who is starting her practice in November.

Well, thanks for listening. Will post more later.


At 6:23 AM, Blogger projectsolo said...

Hey Solowannabee,

Welcome back. I was wondering what happened to your practice, I was a regular reader earlier this year. Depending on your budget, some things I would consider are getting a web site up and running and listing the URL in your yellow pages ad (I am actually going to have a separate URL for the ad that re-directs to my primary web page so that I can monitor just how effective/number of hits they yellow pages ad is). I would also map out a networking strategy to generate referrals from other attorneys or professionals.

Also, it is amazing just how many lawyers there are out there that are not focused on customer service, disorganized, have nonsensical business practices (e.g. sending out a 34 page questionnaire prior to an estate planning session) or just plain bad. My hope is that it creates an opening for the rest of us.


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