Sunday, November 26, 2006

Black Friday Shopping

Happy Thanksgiving All!

I took advantage of Black Friday, got out to Best Buy at 5 a.m. (nuts - nuts - nuts) and bought a nifty 22 inch flat-paneled monitor, 17 inch flat paneled monitor, and plug in hard drive. Wanted one of their $200 computers, but so did 1000 other of my fellow crazies. So I missed out on that one. (I've got a great tablet PC - I wanted the cheap computer for *future* bankruptcy clients to be able to do credit counseling online).

My plan is to use the 22" monitor for "presentations" as part of my free initial consultations (bankruptcy, probate, elder law, and estate planning) in an effort to better "inform" my clients about the process and options. Has anyone done something similar - prepared a powerpoint presentation for new clients? I tried to do this for my former boss, but she had me stop, with the concern that I was giving the clients "too much information" and they would just leave and do the legal work themselves. I can imagine it is a fine line, but I think it is a good idea to have clients well-informed about the process so they can make intelligent decisions, realistically know what to expect, and not come back later and say "but you never told me that." If I lose a few clients because they decide to do it themselves, am I really losing anything? Starting out, I'll certainly have more time than money, anyway.

The hard drive is obviously for back up - and the 17" monitor is for hooking up my laptop at my office so I don't have to squint at my small laptop screen.

I love business deductions!


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