Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Great Book for Estate Planners..

In my countdown to opening my practice, I'm attempting to spend as much time as possible reviewing the substantive areas of law in which I plan to practice.

One book I checked out of the law library is "The Funding of Living Trusts" by Carla Neeley Frietag (2004). A fantastic book - I've eeked my way through the overview chapters and am just about to hit the specific chapter on funding a trust. The attorney I worked for, IMHO, provided a horrible example of funding the RLT and left most of the work to the client (except for preparing the deed and form bank account transfer documents), with very little guidance. One client we had asked what a trust was on the day that he signed! I feel like this book provides the mentoring I was hoping for, but never received.

Also, does anyone else have problems remembering what you have read? I've read through so many sources of information, only to forget what I've read later on (early dementia?). I've decided to take painstaking notes and try to review them everytime I take up a particular topic in hopes that I will get this information into my head. Does anyone else have any good techniques to remember substantive areas of law?


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