Sunday, November 05, 2006

Phone woes...

A little less than 2 months before the big "O" (opening day).

Did I say I had a phone line? Well, I wanted to get two lines - but turns out because of some weird infrastructure issue, I can only get one line for my practice. I guess I can make outgoing calls on my cell phone, and get my new calls rolled over to the existing business's extra line if my line happens to be busy when another call comes through. The nutty thing is that this building is less than 2 years old, and because of the owner's failure to install the right number of "NIBs" or "PINs" or something like that, the total number of lines that can go into this building is apparently 3. Or so says Verizon. Quite frankly, everytime I call, I get a different response. If I knew this was going to be an issue, I would have tried VoIP through Clearwire (but they don't have number portability at this time and I couldn't transfer my Verizon number advertised in the phone book).

Course, on the bright side, I doubt my phone lines are going to be burning up (for a while, anyway), and my phone costs per month will be less than I expected for budgeting purposes.

Also, the business I am going into is letting me use their existing desk and return (which is a very nice set), so there is some additional cost savings in start up costs. I also bought a VERY COOL multifunction laser printer-copier-fax-scanner, which has a duplex printing option and runs at 31 ppm. Did I mention that I love office supplies, which is probably the real reason I decided to go into business for myself (so I can buy all these cool supplies on a whim)?

Next step, I guess, is to buy a phone. Is it better to get voice mail or just use a phone with an answering machine. I suppose I won't need a phone with multiple lines anymore. Maybe just a base phone with some extra phones & cradles like the ones they sell at Costco? (All hail Costco!!)


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