Sunday, December 03, 2006

Super CLEs

Twenty-Seven days to opening day and counting ....

I feel remarkably unprepared. Still don't have my sign figured out (waiting for a local sign company to get back to me with a design - hopefully Monday or Tuesday!). No business cards. No malpractice insurance set up yet. No furniture ordered. No practice management or practice specific software. No website or email set up. No announcements ready to send off.

What I do have: phone number, yellow page ad, office to rent (starting 1/1/07) (which includes a desk & return), phone, laptop, multifunction laser printer, a domain name, and books up the ying yang.

In my defense, the place I was planning to order furniture said everything usually comes in within a week, and one of the malpractice insurers I spoke to said that it doesn't take very long to get the malpractice coverage going. I'm hoping that the business cards will be fairly quick, especially if I initially go through

I have been attending a fantastic "basic estate planning skills course" through the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!), which consists of seven 1/2 day sessions (spread out over 3 months) of (what else) basic estate planning topics (wills, trusts, life insurance, community property, probate, elder law, powers of attorney, basic level tax, special needs trusts, etc.) By the time I got my "new attorney" discount and discount for already having the deskbook estate planning and probate materials, the total of each class was under $50 per session. When all is said and done, I should have 21 credits of CLE (I had to miss one session because of foul weather on the mountain pass - but they were nice enough to provide me with tapes of the lectures I missed). Plus, I can justify going to Seattle - which is truly one of the most beautiful cities (when its not cloudy, rainy, or snowing!).

I love CLEs. When I actually bring in money, I plan to go to more - did you know that an advanced estate planning CLE (through ALI-ABA) is going to be offered in Maui in February? I doubt I'll have the money (or ability) for it at that point - but wow! Maybe in '08????


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